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What WeCan Do For You

We know the security business very well. It’s all we do. We’ve seen and tried many different systems and add-ons over the years. Some are great values, some nothing more than overpriced gadgetry. We offer a wide range of products designed to enable our customers to get all the protection they need at a price they’re comfortable with.

What good is a security system if you don’t know how to use it? Or worse, if you’re afraid to use it. So many people are afraid they’ll inadvertently set off an alarm that they decide never to use them. Our systems are intuitive and easy to use and we never leave an installation until all the customer’s questions have been answered.

A security system can’t break down. There’s simply too much at stake. Remember, Hart Alarm was formed after our own family suffered a break-in. We know how important it is that your system’s reliability never come into question.

We install and service only the best products.
As far as our sales staff goes, you can expect the same treatment from them as from our technicians. We treat customers the way we like to be treated. Which is to say there’s no pressure to buy, and your questions will be answered fully and honestly. A well-informed customer will make a wise choice. We stand behind everything we sell. With Hart Alarm, the sale and installation are only the first steps in an ongoing relationship. In most cases, labor and materials are covered by our comprehensive warranty and/or our ongoing Maintenance & Service agreements. In our world, peace of mind is a precious commodity. If we can help you take a step toward it, then our efforts will have been rewarded.


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